Thursday, August 15, 2013

turning the tables on music journalist Bradley Dillon from

I met Bradley Dillon a few months ago while i was trying to help promote some bands on facebook. He is based out of Florida and gets to interview bands from all over. Thought it would be a cool idea to interview the interviewer ( muahahahaaa !!! )

ALIE : what is your favorite music related memory ?

BRADLEY : probably getting to meet all my favorite bands. The ones I'm most proud of are the interviews I did with POD and Periphery - the former a band I grew up with, and the latter being one of my favorite bands today.

ALIE : what gets you excited / grabs your attention for a certain band ?

BRADLEY : What grabs my attention from certain bands depends on the genre. For hardcore, off-time breakdowns and witty but meaningful lyrics get me. For alternative rock, a cynical/sarcastic sense of humor appeals to me. I like bands that aren't afraid to dive into influences not necessarily in the genre you play, like when Deftones implement electronica into their music, or when bands like A Hope For Home incorporate post-metal influences.

ALIE : who would you want to have a conversation with  ( living or dead ) and why ?

BRADLEY : I'll say Johnny Cash, Mike Patton (Faith No More), and Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac. Johnny, because he was a man who went through hell and back multiple times - and lived to tell. Mike Patton, because he's one of the most versatile vocalists ever and he has interesting views about the music industry, and Stevie Nicks because I believe she has the best vocals of any female musician. EVER. A bold statement, but that's how I feel.

ALIE :  what made you want to interview / write about music ?

BRADLEY : It's weird. I've always been interested in music and have always loved writing. But it took an epiphany to connect the two together. It came one day in 2011 while I was brainstorming - and went from there. I'm extremely knowledgeable about music to begin with, and I love talking. It just came naturally to me. I think I wanted to do it because I saw too many mediocre journalists asking mediocre questions. I saw a void that needed to be filled. And people like me, my friends Stephanie Jensen and Jordan Mohler, and many others are a part of the new breed of journalists looking to ask bold and thought-provoking questions. I want to be the journalist who is looked up to and praised. Not because I need to feel important, but because I want to be one of the best and make a difference with the abilities I've been given. 

ALIE : tell us please, some little known Bradley Dillon trivia :) 

BRADLEY : Bradley trivia, hmmmm. I'll give out a few interesting facts about me - and some confessions.
- I'm typing out this interview on my iPod touch.
- I have god-tier peripheral vision.
- I'm sometimes afraid I'm not making a differences with the abilities I've been given.
- I love granola bars. I'm hungry, please give me some.
- I'm friendly and I'm really an average guy. I would t say I hate when people call me a "rock star" - but realize that I just happen to be a normal guy who experiences not-so-normal things.
- My top 5 favorite bands are Deftones, Thrice, Funeral For a Friend, Linkin Park, and Porcupine Tree.
- I really like prog-metal. Progressive ANYTHING, please.
- I've been listening to a lot of Run For Cover Recs stuff lately, like Daylight and Turnover.
- I can't grow a beard.
- I look a lot younger than I really am.
- I probably listen to classic rock more than any other genre.
- I can't play any instruments, but I do sing. If you're special, I might let you hear.
- Most people perceive me as being very nice and innocent. However, extremely perceptive people like my girlfriend know this is not always the case. I am a complete DICK sometimes, and really sarcastic. I know how to make words heal or harm - depending on how you make me feel. I like using this power for good, though.

ALIE :  what does the future hold for you ?

BRADLEY :  My future will involve me being a music journalist - whether that's continuing on with my company Thenewfury, or latching on with someone who will pay me the money I deserve for my unique talents. There's a lot of things I'm not skilled at. But it would be great to be doing the things I am good at. I want to be the person who interviews a band and have them remember me 6 months later - much like post-hardcore band Hands Like Houses did.

ALIE : anything else you would like to add ?

BRADLEY : Check out my friends in Kill The Music and Rise Above the Anchor ( ) Follow me on Twitter at @NewFuryMedia (I run it all myself) and check out  where I interview a ridiculous number of bands and other cool things.
Oh, and thanks for asking these questions! Alison has been one of my biggest supporters EVER and I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much Bradley for making this fun and having some great answers !!! This guy is doing great things in the music scene and i cant wait to see more from him :)

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