Thursday, August 8, 2013

i love all kinds of music and i'm a medical marijuana patient and advocate

hey yall !!! my name is alison but my friends call me alie :) 2 of my loves in life are music and cannabis , so i decided to start a little adventure , errr , i mean blog lol i've never done this before , so please be gentle ;) i live in beautiful california ( texas native ) and have several health issues , some of which include : chronic pain from a back injury (severe , debilitating pain ) , anxiety , ptsd , and bipolar disorder. the combination of which had prevented me from living a productive life. Until i got a medical marijuana card :) MIRACLE MEDICINE !!! seriously, i have gotten so much of my life and happiness back since using medical grade cannabis :) not to mention its healthier than filling my body full of pills lol
the second part of this blog will be about music and bands i think should be gettin' more exposure. i'm almost 36, i grew up on 70s rock thanks to my wonderful dad  <3  and i honestly believe that set the foundation for my love of music. my interests range from zeppelin to matisyahu to deftones to wu-tang clan (& maybe a lil texas third coast music thrown in for good measure lol ) enough about me , lets get this party started !!!

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